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Wirral is home to around 321,000 people. Despite a small geographical footprint, life expectancy varies by 12 years for men and 10 years for women between the most and least deprived areas.

Although it has areas of great affluence, Wirral remains one of the 20% most deprived districts in England, with nearly one quarter of children living in low income families. Wirral’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment projects an increasing number of people living with long-term conditions and persistent health inequalities.

Funding for health and care services is not expected to meet this demand with current provision. Wirral is facing the challenge of reconfiguring services to meet projected increases in demand within available resources. Cheshire East faces a similar set of circumstances, with demographic pressure and the health and care consequences of an ageing population, plus very constrained finances.

These pressures are felt nationwide. Recognising the increasing pressures of demography, finance and demand, the Five Year Forward View (2014 and 2017) highlighted the need for greater integration of health and care services to achieve:

  • better care quality
  • increased equity of health outcomes
  • better value provision.

Nationally, there is now a move towards creating Integrated Care Systems in which commissioners and providers agree a shared responsibility for using their collective resources to benefit local populations.

They aim to:

  • create more robust cross-organisational arrangements to tackle systemic challenges
  • support population health management, e.g. recognising and supporting those at risk of developing acute illness and hospitalisation
  • deliver more care through re-designed community-based and home-based services, in partnership with social care and the community and voluntary sector
  • take collective responsibility for performance and health outcomes.

These principles are reflected in the development of local Place-Based Care systems across Wirral and Cheshire.