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Healthy Wirral

Arguably one of the most significant strategic drivers for the Trust is the Wirral health and social care system’s joint strategy, Healthy Wirral.

Led by Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group, the Healthy Wirral programme addresses the pressures that are building within the wider health and social care economy. If unaddressed these will challenge the continued provision of sustainable and effective services: more people with complex health conditions; greater patient expectations; increasing cost of new drugs and technologies; and, an anticipated shortfall in the funding that would be needed to address these factors.

WCT is fully aligned with, and a key partner in, this programme. Through transforming GP and other primary care, community health, hospital and social care services in Wirral, it will mean:

  • community based health services (e.g. access to GPs, community nurses and social workers) seven days a week
  • more hospital services in the community, with consultant led teams
  • health and social care professionals working together for people with on-going needs
  • specialist inpatient hospital care for those that need it
  • support for people to look after themselves and stay healthy
  • a clearer understanding of population health and risk stratification

The Healthy Wirral programme will be a key mechanism by which the health and social care system in Wirral responds to the opportunities presented by NHS England’s Five Year Forward View.

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